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Handmade Soap Ingredients - AustraliaDid you know that the skin is the body’s largest organ and an important protective barrier? So, it is no surprise that most of us do our best to treat it right. According to a study by the Environmental Working Group, women, on average, apply 168 chemicals on their body daily. While men typically apply fewer skin products, the study also revealed that they still slather on about 85 chemicals daily.

Truth is, our skin ends up absorbing up to 60% of what we put on it. While toxic chemical and fragrance loaded products generally smell amazing, they irritate deep into our skin layers when applied, causing it massive discomfort... Not very nice, huh!

Dangers of Synthetic Chemicals and Fragrances

Chemical and Cosmetics - AustraliaBehind the massive billboards and glossy magazines, the biggest skincare companies in the beauty industry hide an unpleasant secret. While they appear to be concerned about nature and your health, most of their products are loaded with toxic chemicals and fillers which can be harming to your health. It is estimated that there are over 10,000 ingredients approved for use in many skincare products today, but over 90% of these ingredients have not been tested for their effects on human health. Are you worried? Us, too!

Which is even more concerning is that over time, as you repeatedly expose your skin to these harmful chemicals, the toxins begin to accumulate in your body system, causing you distress which can even lead to skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, chronic fatigue, and allergies.

Go Natural

With the number of chemicals involved in a simple beauty routine, it is hardly surprising that natural Body Oils have now become one of the top choices for us. Thankfully, a growing number of people are now aware of it and moving to, using safe, plant-based, ingredients to bring a variety of trusted skincare products to restore the original tone and feel of your skin. There is a wide range of benefits that come with using natural body oils and essential oils:

  • Your Health

While the skin serves as a protective barrier which keeps out dangerous compounds, certain chemicals can penetrate this organ and be absorbed into the bloodstream. In fact, studies have discovered that our nervous systems, reproductive systems, and immune systems can be affected by the beauty products we apply on the skin.

  • Your Peace of Mind

Surprisingly, the chemicals used in the manufacture of beauty products are barely regulated making most of them unsafe for your health. Not to mention that most of the time when we read those labels we don’t even know what those ingredients are because their names are so complex.

Even still, many buy these products without even understanding what’s in it. Our natural plant-based products will give you the peace of mind that you will always know what ingredients we are using. Those ingredients are natural, toxin-free and safe for everyone in your family to use. Simple beauty at it’s best!

  • Natural Works Better

Those with sensitive skin often develop allergies after using chemical-heavy beauty products with fragrances or synthetic ingredients. Our natural skin care oils are vegan, safe and will not aggravate the skin. We only use pure essential oils and plant-based oils and botanicals in our formulations, super safe and effective!

How to Use our Natural Body Oils

Natural Body Oils - AustraliaOil moisturising may feel counter-intuitive especially if your skin produces large amounts of sebum or oil. But the reality is, your skin is only oily because it is not getting the right moisture, so it over-produces oil to compensate for the shortfall. By giving your skin the oil it needs to flourish, it will naturally restore the balance. Our Control Body Oil the one for this job.

Peach & Grey Natural Body Oils include organic argan oil, organic rosehip sea oil, organic jojoba oil, organic apricot kernel oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic rice bran oil, etc. To get the best of these oils, it’ll be ideal for you to follow a routine that gives your skin the required balance.

  • Applying Naturals Oils on your Body

Apply a generous amount of oil on a damp or dry skin, and then massage the oil into the skin.

If you intend to apply a body oil with some citrus essential oil of some sort, we recommend that you stay away from the sun as it can cause skin sensitivity.

  • Applying Natural Oils on your hair

For an intensive hair treatment, apply on hair roots and/or scalp, leave on for 15 minutes. Apply warm heat if possible then wash hair with a good shampoo or even with our handmade soaps if you want the all-natural treatment!

For a more gentle everyday treatment, you can add it to your conditioner for increased moisturisation.

Your Skin Knows Best

Just as your bare feet easily tells the difference between walking on an Astro-turf and walking on a lush grass, your body can tell the difference between natural skin care ingredients and synthetic products. Avoid using complex products. While the natural products help to enhance the unique, natural scent of your body, synthetic products mask your body’s natural scent.

The natural production of your skin oil is a major part of a good skin restoration. Our Natural Body Oils not only restore the balance of your skin; it makes your skin glow and look its natural best!

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