Winter and your Skin

What Happens to Your Skin at Wintertime?

Proctet your Skin - NaturalProducts AustraliaYou probably know that winter will affect your day to day activities in some way, so prepare in advance for it. But this season doesn’t just stop there… it plays a role in our skin appearance too. Due to the radical temperature changes at this time of the year, you might rapidly start noticing the appearance of red patches, cracked lips and dry, flaky skin if you don’t have a skincare plan in place.

Due to the temperature and cold brought about by the season, the moisture in the air is a lot less than what our skin needs. For every drop in temperature, the body’s oil and moisture production level reduces by 10%, which is the opposite of what happens during the summer. As a result of this reduced production rate, the skin cells lose water, leaving it extremely tight and dry. Since sweat evaporates faster during winter, the body needs significantly higher amounts of moisture so it does not become stressed. 

Here is what you need to do:

Altering your routine is key to enjoying the winter season, especially if you are a fan of outdoor activities at this time of the year - it takes a little extra effort to keep it in tip-top condition, but we have some tips for you to make it easier and simpler. Here are some important measures you should apply to your winter skin-care routine to achieve a truly radiant skin all season long.

  • Cover up

Cover your Skin - Natural Skincare AustraliaProtecting your skin against exposure to cold air and wind is one of the best ways to keep it from drying out. This would mean wearing scarves, gloves and hats whenever you’re set to go out. It is ideal to keep the skin as much covered as possible when the wind is blowing and the weather is cold outside. Don’t forget to use UV protection as well – you might not see the sun, but those UV rays are still there.

  • Moisturize straight after the shower

Protecting yourself against the cold of the winter is a no-brainer, especially when you’re set to go outdoors. I recommend you use our Body Oils or Body Butter (if you need some intense hydration) straight after the shower on damp skin and before heading outdoors too. This will guarantee a stable and well-nourished skin, those two products are amazing to lock in moisture and help with the winter challenges.

Our Body Butter is the hero in winter times, ultra-rich and creamy formula of organic shea butter and organic plant-based oils with added vitamin E. I love using my shea butter on my feet and legs (I have very dry skin on my legs) and I leave it to work overnight and it makes wonders! Then, I use body oils during the day as they have a lighter weight consistency.

  • Hot Showers

Avoid Hot Showes - Natural Skincare products AustraliaAs tempting as a nice hot shower might be, try to use warm water instead. If you enjoy hot showers as I do (Yes, I am guilty of it) then you will need to change your habits. A good way I found in doing this is by ensuring that in summer my showers are warm, so when winter comes my body is already used to it and it won’t be much of a shock and you will be able to have a more pleasant shower.

  • Face Treatment

 A weekly facial treatment is a great way to draw moisture to your skin for a lasting hydration. I personally like adding aloe vera juice (approximately one aloe leaf) to one of our clay masks with a few drops of coconut oil.

  • Water

Remember that more than half of your body is made up of H2O molecules. It is recommended that you drink at least 2 litres of water a day. This will ensure that you’re getting all the hydration your skin needs.

Taking care of your skin is not just important during the warmer weather months. It is a year-round necessity. As it turns out, your skin’s needs during the winter and summer months are different. Prioritizing hydration and moisture when it gets cold outside is key to a truly rich and glowing skin.

Author: Ms Peach



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